Koffman & Associates' Reviews  reviews (68)
Overall Rating:   146 Ratings
Joseph Guerrieri New Por Buyer Rating 
November 2016
very qualified in her profession. tremendous knowledge of homes and Cape Coral area
John Deck Seller Rating 
November 2016
I have worked with Erica in the past and I am very familiar with her organization, work ethic, and professionalism. I knew she would be fantastic from start to finish.

Day in day out, entire process was delightful, working with Erica.
Kim Z, Yorba Linda Buyer Rating 
November 2016
I LOVED THE FACT THAT Jill called me or even texted daily and kept me up to date as to what was going on or what would be happening.
Nancy Risner, Lehigh Acr Seller Rating 
November 2016
Erica is an excellent real estate agent. She hit the ground running and we had an offer at the first open house. Unfortunately that offer didn't work due to buyers' failure to obtain financing, but we received …show more
Bob/ Linda Yerkes. Mays Buyer Rating 
October 2016
We had looked in several areas in Florida and had contacted 

several different real estate agents. Jill Winchel was the only

agent that understood what we were looking for. She never gave up on us. 

She would always look for and send us new 

Jill was always patient and understood what looking at

real estate long distance could demand of us. She understood the

ups and downs we were going through until we found the 

perfect "one"! < less
Donald Korach Seller Rating 
October 2016
Thank you for very thing you did..Eric
Morry Nelson, Minnesota Seller Rating 
September 2016
Barb was always available and got the job done. Bottom line, a good result
Ed Broderick, Cape Coral Seller Rating 
September 2016
Ross was the consummate professional. He made me feel comfortable during the entire process including the those times when things went wrong. I did and will recommend him.
Scott Passanante Elmira Seller Rating 
September 2016
Great job
Allan Cotter, Cape Coral Buyer Rating 
July 2016
Erica McKenzie is a great realtor. She went out of her way to help us find the perfect home. We would recommend Erica to anyone.
Vanda Spurrier, Cape Cor Buyer Rating 
July 2016
Erica was amazing from beginning to end. She helped us through all of the ups and downs throughout the entire process and made herself available to my many questions.
Frankieand Barb Kropacek Buyer Rating 
July 2016
It is not often that you find a genuine awesome person. We were lucky enough to get Jeniffer, oh yeah and found our piece of paradise in Cape Coral too.
G Radusin Buyer Rating 
July 2016
We appreciate your dedication and hard work
Ileana Fernandez, Cape C Buyer Rating 
July 2016
I'm very thankful cause of the great job he did and for sure I would work with him again.

Very professional and helpful all his advices and opinions.

He showed his knowledge in the field and we got a pretty fast closing.

I appreciate his effort.
Joannacorti 4706 Se 4pl Buyer Rating 
July 2016
vanessa turgeon did very well and show the beautiful place of cape coral stand out in my eyes.she is sweet and very professional .we will recommend vanessa to my friend and family
A Gregg, Cape Coral, Fl Seller Rating 
June 2016
I love Ross Winchel! I used him to sell a home I lived in, purchase my new (current) house, sell my mother's house, and sell my second home. He is a very positive person who gets quick results.

I have always been satisfied with my dealings with Ross, and when I am ready to sell 
my current home I will call on him again. He is in tune with market pricing and has a good marketing strategy that gets fast results. All my dealings with him have been quick and painless. < less
Lisa Flores And Chris Le Buyer Rating 
June 2016
Simply a great person, dedicated to her job, and so fun.
Jennifer Wohler, Lakewoo Buyer Rating 
June 2016
Erica did an excellent job in communicating with us in a timely manner, answering all our questions, and being receptive to our requesting several property showings in a short time. I would work with her again! I am a real estate agent who has worked in southern California and now in western NY and have been active for 23 years. She did extremely well in her ability to satisfy our real estate needs and I know how difficult that can be!

She is an asset to your company and to the industry! < less
Liz Branca. Cape Coral Buyer Rating 
May 2016
Our experience with Sunbelt Realty was flawless. Our house searching was painless due to the professionalism, knowledge, and integrity of Ross Winchell and David Reffert.
Ron Namislo , Cape Coral Buyer Rating 
April 2016
Jill Winchel treated us like we were old friends and we felt like she went out of her way to meet our needs. Jill understood what are priorities were and found listings that matched them to a "t". Once my wife and I decided …show more
Lesley Bush And Fred Gre Buyer Rating 
April 2016
Chris Adamski has been an extremely attentive, knowledgable,and friendly real estate agent. He answered all our myriad of questions whether they were simple or more complex to research. He helped broker a very good but fair price for the house and kept us informed throughout the process. We always felt our ideas were being conveyed to the seller. He showed such initiative to work above and beyond that of other agents we have worked with in the past. We certainly recommend Chris Adamski too any potential buyer who wants to deal with an excellent real estate agent. < less
Sandra Earnhart Cape Cor Buyer Rating 
April 2016
Erica was such a delight to work with! She is s wonderful person. She represents the ethics and knowledge that are evident in the great job she does. Erica is a great Agent and has a bright future in any endeavor she chooses! She gives a 110 percent to the job!! Always organized and knowledgable of all aspects! She is a keeper for any organization ! < less
Leslie Schmitt, Cape Cor Buyer Rating 
April 2016
Jill Winchel handled all the details and was in contact with the other agent through our entire process to make sure all the T's were crossed and all the I's were dotted. She didn't miss a thing! We really needed the attention to detail she provided. 

Our transaction was fabulous in every way! Not a glitch! We really appreciated Jill and her follow through with every detail. She really cared about our transaction and it showed. 

Jill met all of our expectations and then some! I have already recommended her to others I have met that need a realtor, buying or selling! We couldn't be more pleased with Jill. < less
Joe Roberts Buyer Rating 
March 2016
Id like to thank Eric Naugle for an outstanding job helping me find and purchase my new condo. He is a true professional! He was very knowledgeable and personable. It was a very smooth transaction.
Eric Nolff, Cape Coral, Seller Rating 
March 2016
Thank You!
Rae Waters, Illinois Buyer Rating 
March 2016
Eric Naugle was very responsive and had great follow-up. That is something that not all brokers have. This was very important to me as I lived 1800 miles away.

Eric was always accessible, friendly, professional, and he really knew his stuff!

He was hardworking and worked to get me, his client, the 
best purchase possible. 

Eric was very detailed and made sure all of my questions were answered. He knew the area very well. Eric went above and beyond to make sure all of my needs were met.

I couldn't have had an easier transaction or felt at peace, without the help of Eric. He was excellent and I had a great experience. I would recommend Eric 100%. < less
Maria Hart, Cape Coral F Buyer Rating 
February 2016
Branden Leep is by far the best reltor we have ever delt with. He worked extra hard in trying to find a house for us. He also worked extra hard in keeping and the details in place.
Butch Long Groveland Il Buyer Rating 
February 2016
I had talked with a competitor and was not satisfied with the results and then I contacted Ross about one of his listings. I knew this was the person that I would buy from right from the first time we talked.

Ross is a very nice personable guy that is not pushy but reads 
his clients well.

No regrets at all

Butch Ling

After dealing with Ross I now consider him a friend < less
Lonnie Byers Buyer Rating 
February 2016
Ross took plenty of time to show me all the properties I wanted to see, very professional, honest. Would definitely recommend him to freinds and family
Sabine, Cape Coral Seller Rating 
February 2016
Ross Winchel is a very experienced realtor and excellent salesman. Provided good advises and great planning, very polite, very patient and DELIVERS. Bill DeMay his partner is awesome too..
Daniel Tacke , Marion He Buyer Rating 
January 2016
Michael is the best broker we know.

He works very quickly and accurately. Even after hours and on weekends.

The perfect service. Also for German customers.
Jose L Velazquez, Cape C Buyer Rating 
January 2016
Thank you Erica for the kindness, patience,honesty ,loyalty and above all the hard work you did in making our dreams of owning a home in Florida
J. Snowdon New York Buyer Rating 
January 2016
Matt's advice regarding the best areas in Florida we were interested in was invaluable in narrowing down the area and property that best suited us.
Bill Eckert, Cape Coral, Seller Rating 
January 2016
Want to sell your home the modern way, with constant professional support, deep market understanding, regular updates, tremendous Internet exposure, and all-around pleasant advice and action? Go to Ross Winchel--you can thank me later. Bill Eckert < less
Jim - Cape Coral Fl Seller Rating 
January 2016
Thru it all Brandon stuck with us and got it done. At the closing he stepped up and took control to insure all parties were satisfied.
John Morris Seller Rating 
December 2015
Verry good was extremely helpful made it happen.
Robert @ Fort Myers Buyer Rating 
December 2015
Chris Adamski did a wonderful job in showing the range of properties for sale and providing details on the properties. He supplemented my own research to a great degree. Chris also helped with financing and guiding me to professional mortgage brokers who did a great job as well. < less
Rucker Meaker Buyer Rating 
December 2015
Highly recommended
Paul Bowler, Cape Coral, Seller Rating 
December 2015
Ross and his partner Jill guided us through a purchase, a sale and a purchase within a year's time supportively and effectively. I wouldn't rely on anyone else!
Tracy Wright - Cape Cora Seller Rating 
December 2015
I had the best experience using Eric Naugle as a Realtor during the difficult situation of trying to sell my property as I had with City of Cape Coral water coming through.

It was also during the dropping home value of prices in the area.

Eric works extremely hard above and beyond what would be expected. He never 
gave up on me.

He was great at response time and helpful in communicating everything to me when needed and necessary.

He is open and extremely honest even if it might be difficult to accept. He will tell you like it is. 

Best of all, Eric sold my home! No more worries for me. < less
Debra Grott, Punta Gorda Buyer Rating 
December 2015
I love working with Matt Wise. This is the 3rd property we have purchased using Matt and we always recommend him to all of our family and friends! His knowledge is second to none and his commitment to making the process painless is top notch! < less
Amy Ramirez, Ny Buyer Rating 
December 2015
Thank you Eric for standing by us when we thought we would not find a house during our trip to Florida in October but your persitance found us our dream home on the last hour of our stay.
Chuck Colley, Cape Coral Buyer Rating 
October 2015
Branden Leeb was simply fantastic. It took us several years to actually buy a home. Branden was patient and polite through the numerous homes we viewed. Branden was incredibly helpful when it came to the 100 questions I had at the end with closing. He was there for that as well. < less
Norm & Jennifer Raby Fro Buyer Rating 
September 2015
We spoke with Ross on the phone months before we sold our home in Michigan. After we sold it Ross was in constant contact with us as we were with him. The process looking out of state is hard enough, not knowing where in Florida we would end up, we finally met with Ross along our journey to find a new home. He gave us the lay of the land in Cape Coral with a tour and map in hand. He did a great job, we still had other cities we intended on visiting before we made our final decision.

The time had come to decide and Cape Coral is now where we would call home. Ross even helped in the process of obtaining a rental. Ross hit the nail on the head as to what we wanted, even though we still keep looking at used homes after Ross showed us new, Property after property he never gave up on us. He even took us out the 1st week we were here to the New residents get together, we met some wonderful people. 

Finally after 3 months of looking we of course decided to build, he showed us several new models before we decided to go with Southern Premier, now time to find a lot just as hard,but we managed to find one thanks to Ross again.

We are that picky and Ross is still our friend, we have hung out together and have met even more new great people and feel right at home.

Now let the building begin and we couldn't be more happier with our decision.

Thank you Century 21 Sunbelt for helping us find Ross.


Thank you so very much Ross you are a great agent & friend. < less
James Elston Lehigh Acre Buyer Rating 
August 2015
Went above and beyond and was always available when we had questions no matter how big or little they were.

Always available and always willing to help no matter how early or late it was
Kathleen Coomer Cape Cor Buyer Rating 
August 2015
Well sorry for spelling your name wrong BRANDEN!!!

I wish you the best of success because you deserve it!

Thanks for always getting back with me quickly but especially thank you for answering 
questions before we even had to ask them. You took care of everything, well except the champagne lol!!!!! Your the Best! Sorry Ross!! But we loved Branden!!! < less
Paul Bowler, Dover Nh Buyer Rating 
August 2015
Jill is absolutely wonderful to work with and one could not have a better representitive especially when purchasing from outside the area.
Thom Soinski Seller Rating 
August 2015
We could not have asked for a better experience. Matt Wise exceeded all expectations.
Marilyn & Jim - Original Buyer Rating 
August 2015
Dave Reffert was exceptional in every aspect. So many times he went beyond the call of duty. Since we were from out of state he would go to homes to get more pictures for us to peruse and even would take measurements of rooms. He was always there for us at any time. 

Again, we rate Dave Reffert as exceptional. < less
Jerry Wise, Travelling Seller Rating 
July 2015
A very good team at Sunbelt and in particular, Matthew Wise was excellent!

We enjoyed our house selling experience, largely because of Matt.
Ernie And Susan Carroll Buyer Rating 
July 2015
Brandon was very professional would highly recommend him to all my family friends and anyone else looking to buy a home.
David Miller, Cape Coral Seller Rating 
June 2015
Eric sold a home directly across the street from my permanent residence. My neighbor highly recommended Eric. He characterized Eric as hard working, motivated, and as keeping him well informed during the process. Eric listed my property at the market correct price and exhibited the characteristics listed by my neighbor. He also professionally managed a difficult tenant situation with sensitivity. I was in Cleveland, Ohio during the time the property was on the market, so I had to rely on Eric to manage an AC unit repair close to closing. It was a pleasure to work with Eric and I will highly recommend him in the future! < less
I Do Not Wish To Provide Seller Rating 
June 2015
Matt Wise expertly handled a situation very professionally that could have easily terminated the sale. The appraisal came in $100K+ less that the agreed selling price. Matt disputed the appraisal by preparing a very detailed response to the bank that was reviewing the property to make a mortgage loan to the ?Cook's. Matt also brought forward comps that were more appropriate to properly valued my home. Ultimately, the appraiser adjusted her appraisal to the selling price of the home and the sale finalized. Had Matt not been so intimately involved with the sale and proactive professionally to deal with this major hiccup.assertively, my home would not have been sold < less
Patrick Cunningham Bokel Seller Rating 
June 2015
Erica wnet over and above the job required. We appreciate her
Ruthie And Richard Encar Buyer Rating 
May 2015
If I could rate Erica higher I would do so for each and every catagory. Being an out of town buyer she kept us up to date with every single aspect of our purchase from start to finish. We chose her because she was diligent about responding to all of questions while we were in our preliminary stages of choosing a city to relocate to. She sent me information on schools, jobs, and best areas for my family. When I finally met with her it felt like I was meeting with a long lost friend. I call her my real estate angel, because she has been everything I could ask for and more. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family with 100% confidence that they will get stellar service.

???? < less
Toni Cape Coral Florida Buyer Rating 
May 2015
Jill was great. Will continue to work with her in the future.

Thanks Jill for all your help.
Jesse, Fort Myers Fl Buyer Rating 
May 2015
Best experience for a first time buyer. He made the whole process very smooth and less stressful even when dealing with complicated situations. Very easy to get in contact with. Always friendly and willing to go above and beyond. < less
Rex - fort Myers, Fl Buyer Rating 
May 2015
Ross goes the extra mile for his customer. This helped us significantly in finding the right place for a major purchase such as this.
Tyler Nara Fort Myers Fl Seller Rating 
April 2015
Christopher Adamski assisted me in selling 2 properties and buying 1. He did an excellent job from start to finish will all 3. I would highly recommend him and his office to any friends or family. He was precis with market value and receiving top dollar for the 2 that sold. Keep it up Chris! < less
Yvonne Snyder, Howell, M Seller Rating 
April 2015
I'm thankful that I made contact with Jill Winchel she did an excellent job for us.
The Sealey's, Cape Coral Buyer Rating 
March 2015
We were new home buyers and Ross took in consideration what we wanted. He never tried to push anything on us that we weren't going to be interested in. He helped us understand some of the hidden things when looking for houses. We were extremely happy with Ross and will recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house! < less
Kathy Jasper, San Jose, Seller Rating 
March 2015
Ross was very knowledgeable and accessible.
Joe & Elaine Buyer Rating 
March 2015
Branden, was very patient with us as we were working with him from out of state. He made himself available whenever we were in town to show us available homes.

He kept us informed as to the progress of the probate process associated with this property 
we purchased.

We would highly recommend Branden to anyone seeking to buy or sell a home. < less
Brenda Duran - Skokie, I Seller Rating 
March 2015
See lst page
Tom Howard Buyer Rating 
February 2015
We had extremely specific requirements, and were not able to find an existing house we liked. Matt found us a lot that fit our requirements as soon as it went on the market for an unbelievable price and ultimately hooked up the right builder for us. If we had not been the first ones there and gotten the lot I don't think we would be building now. < less
Eric Johansen, Cape Cora Buyer Rating 
February 2015
Jill Winchel was wonderful from start to finish. Jill right away got a very good idea of what we were looking for. Jill was very professional, knowledgeable, and well organized as well as friendly and very easy to deal with. When we picked a house she explained what we needed to do and she got to work on her end never failing to communicate with us along the way. The closing went perfectly. We would definitely recommend Jill Winchel to buy a house from. < less
Yvonne Snyder Fort Myers Buyer Rating 
February 2015
I'm so happy I connected with Jill she is an excellent person and a wonderful representative of and for Century 21. She went out of her way to help me with the sale. 

I couldn't ask for a better agent.
Denny Fuller Old Burnt S Buyer Rating 
January 2015
Chris, is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to SWFL realestate. he is always

there when you have a question. Chris may ot know the answer but he will get the correct answer 
for you. My wife and I really enjoyed working with Chris on our purchase. Thanks Chris for all of your much needed help and support you provided to us.

Denny and Rose Fuller. < less