Life can take some funny turns - It is easy to get lulled by the everyday "normal" business.  But when a crisis occurs or change bursts on the scene, it causes me to wake up and remember what REALLY matters.  FAMILY 👪 FAITH 🙏 FRIENDS 🙋

When I arise in the morning, the first item on my agenda is to read my Bible, do a daily devo of some sort, eat breakfast and get dressed (not necessarily in that order).  This is mandatory and I can always tell if I have not done that first because the rest of my day is haphazard and lacks energy.  This time is so special to me and has given me the ability to keep "the agenda" in focus.  🌸

My philosophy has always been that the HOME is best when it is a REFUGE.  I think organization, function and pleasing aesthetics all play their part in setting the stage for a PEACEFUL RESPITE.  Life is not easy.  Each day is a challenge.  I am thankful that our home has been a place of rejuvenation for myself, my children, my husband, visiting guests, neighbors and friends.  After all, these are the things that REALLY matter.  💛

By Susan Hendrickson, Realtor, Stagent