Selling Your Home Yourself

March 1, 2020

$mart Remodeling $trategies

When listing a home, Sellers may want to maximize the amount they can get for their property.  In my experience, I have noted that there are some projects that are almost a sure return+ on the investment: 

  • Replacing carpet with hard surface flooring
  • Replacing worn out appliances with ...
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Jan. 17, 2020

What is your Staging Product?

January, 2020: It is important to remember the product you are selling when you design a stage. If you are selling a rug, you want it to be front and center in your photos. If you are selling a cookie, be sure it is photographed hot and steamy from the ...

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Dec. 7, 2017

A Beginner's Guide To Home Staging


Level 1:  A...B...C...


Kudos to you!  You have weighed the pros and cons of staging your property and made the choice to jump right in!  Now what??

Well, after patting yourself on the back for making the ...

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Nov. 2, 2017

Should I Stage My Home?


Perhaps the better questions to ask might be, "How much time do you want to wait before your property sells?" and "How much do you want it to sell for?"

It is well known in the home staging industry that ...

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March 27, 2017

When is the BEST TIME to Sell a Cape Coral Home?

We are often asked “should I wait until season to sell my house?” or “should I wait to buy off-season?” The short answer is no. 

The facts based on 11 years of Cape Coral sales statistics follow:

The highest real estate sales quarter is indeed the 2 ...

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Jan. 17, 2017

Finding a TOP SW FL Real Estate Agent - The Importance of For Sale Signs

Real Estate For Sale Sign - Ross Winchel - Royal Shell Real EstateREAL ESTATE FOR SALE Signs are an extremely important part of the home selling process in Southwest Florida. When selecting a top real estate agent to sell your Southwest Florida home, take a look at what type of real estate FOR SALE sign they are using.

Does the REAL ESTATE ...

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Jan. 1, 2017

Selling Your Home as a For Sale By Owner FSBO - Important Questions to Ask

Selling Your SW FL home by yourself as a FSBOAre you thinking about selling your SW Florida home, but considering doing it yourself as a FSBO? Are you ready to list it on Zillow or another For Sale By Owner (FSBO) site?

Before you try to sell your home yourself, you may consider the following questions. Selling a home is ...

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