When listing a home, Sellers may want to maximize the amount they can get for their property.  In my experience, I have noted that there are some projects that are almost a sure return+ on the investment: 

  • Replacing carpet with hard surface flooring
  • Replacing worn out appliances with new - Stainless appliances
  • Replacing old, worn out and dated faucets
  • Replacing old toilets
  • Painting 1 Universal Neutral color throughout the property
  • Replacing broken, dirty window blinds

However, REMEMBER to keep an eye on Market Competitive Prices for the property so that an OVER-IMPROVEMENT is not done, wasting time, money and effort.  This can be discouraging and frustrating.  Be sure to have a CURRENT MARKET ANALYSIS performed on the property so that improvements are an ADDED BENEFIT not an unreimbursed expense.


By Susan Hendrickson, Realtor, Stagent