Spring 2020 ON THE MOVE

Update for Cape Coral

On the Move

The quarterly newsletter from city hall, “On The Move”, was recently mailed to all lot owners, home owners, and businesses in Cape Coral. The front page highlights the progress of the Utility Expansion Project in the North 2 area, north of Pine Island Road. Owners should be expecting a Notice of Availability letter in the mail soon, which will outline instructions on hooking up to city sewer, water, and irrigation. Grant funds are available for residents (page 9).

Other highlights include:

·   Watering schedule reminder on page 5. Cape Coral has a year-round watering schedule that must be adhered to in order to preserve our limited resources. This should be set up when you buy a home but you need to make adjustments twice a year when the time changes. More information is available on the Cape Coral website. 

Hazardous waste collection day on page 8. This was intended for residents to be able to drop off household chemical waste on March 21 near the police station on Cultural Park Blvd but has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Outdated signage to be removed on page 11. "Slow Speed/Minimum Wake" signage is at the entrance to our canal system from the river. The city plans to remove any signage on the waterways that is illegal, including "Idle/Speed/No Wake".

Citizens Academy on page 18. Apply for this 12 week hands-on program to learn about the city government.

Also, don’t miss the Parks & Recreation center pull-out with upcoming events or go to www.CapeParks.com for more info.

Lots more information is included in this compact publication so take time to read about the latest happenings in Cape Coral.

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Spring 2020 On the Move

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