Roofing Materials Used in SW Florida

You will see a variety of roofing materials as you drive through SW Florida or look at houses online. Some may already be familiar to you but you may see a few new ones.

Sample of Architectural Shingle RoofThe most common is the Architectural Shingle which comes in a variety of colors and consists of a heavy fiberglass mat base laminated to multiple layers of water resistant asphalt. Ceramic-coated mineral granules are ingrained in the top layer of the shingle.



A less expensive option is the Single Tab Shingle which is one layer and non-overlapping. Sample of Single Tab Shingle







Sample of Barrel Tile Roof



Tile Roofs are made of clay or cement and also come in a variety of colors, although the terra cotta tile is most common and provides a Spanish or Mediterranean feel. Roof tiles are sometimes choosen to match house paint and/or driveway pavers to keep a consistent look. The barrel type seems to be loosing ground as the flat tile has gained in popularity.


Sample of Flat Tile Roof








If you choose a tile roof make sure to keep it clean as a dirty tile roof is not appealing! Sample of dirty tile roof







Sample of Metal RoofThe Metal Roof is said to be the strongest and longest lasting of all the roof products but there are a variety of metal products and thicknesses, as well as, exposed screws vs standing seam options. Standing-seam roofs are expected to last between 30-50 years with very minimal maintenance.



Throughout the area you will come across older homes with a Gable Roof and newer ones with a Hip Roof or some combination of the two. The Flat Roof is reminiscent of commercial buildings but has been much used with modern, sleek looking homes in this area. Sample of Flat Roof

Roofs tend to be replaced or repaired after a major storm or hurricane. Checking on the age and condition of a roof on a home you're considering to buy is essential.

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Roofing Materials Used in SW Florida

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