10 Things Your Realtor Probably Didn't Tell You

about Living in Cape Coral

Updated 4/11/2023

1. Any type of fence is allowed up to 6 feet high but only on sides and back of home. Fencing near water can only be 3 feet high and/or see-through to allow for water views.

2. Watering of lawn is allowed 2 times per week based on house number. Reclaimed water, freshwater canal water, and well water is used for irrigation. Watering on the wrong day or time is the cause of most code violations!

3. You can ride your bike on the sidewalk, although there are many bike lanes and paths in the cityBike path Cape Coral

4. Don't plant too many plants and trees in your yard. It will get overgrown, need a lot of maintenance, and you won't be able to see the nice blue sky.

5. Lawn care and pool maintenance run about $100 each per month. Pool company comes once a week. Lawn company comes weekly through rainy season and every other week in the winter.

6. Pets must be licensed, on a leash when outside, and their waste must be picked up wherever it lands...vacant lot, neighbor's yard, street, etc.

7. There are over 400 miles of canals in Cape Coral, mostly freshwater with no access to The Gulf of Mexico. Cape Coral canal

8. Trash, recycling, and yard debris is picked up by Waste Pro all on the same day each week. 

9. No one is paid to pick up trash in the city. All of us need to pick up trash we see in streets, vacant lots, and in canals to keep the animals safe and Keep Cape Coral Beautiful. 

10. Lots of information is available on the city website www.CapeCoral.gov.

10 More Things Your Realtor Probably Didn't Tell You

10 Things Your Realtor Probably Didn't Tell You 

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10 Things Your Realtor Probably Didn't Tell You

Updated 1/11/23 Posted by Jill Winchel