Watering Your Lawn in Cape Coral Florida

Cape Coral Watering Schedule

The city allows you to water your lawn twice per week based on a schedule determined by your house number. The times are scheduled in 4 hour slots between 8 PM and 8AM. Sprinklers should never be on during the daytime hours after 8AM. You are able to turn them on for a short time only for maintenance or repair. Any new lawns can be watered extra during the first 30 days but not during daytime hours. Watering during daylight hours leads to evaporation and burning of the grass.

If your lawn doesn't come with a sprinkler system you should have one added. Once you set up the automatic timing based on your schedule you can forget about it, UNTIL the time changes then you have to adjust it....but that's only twice a year. If you notice any brown spots on your lawn you may have a busted sprinkler head or one that isn't set correctly.

Code Compliance states that homeowners not watering per the schedule leads to the majority of code violations. Check out the Cape Coral Watering Schedule on their website.

Watering your lawn in Cape Coral Florida

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Watering Your Lawn in Cape Coral Florida

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